Bare Metal Restorations

We can strip your car down to raw metal. Aluminum or steel bodies, we can do them all. Removing rust and previous body work, or even just over aged primer and paint. Bare metal restorations are a good idea to a fresh start, though not necessary on all vehicles.

Body Restorations

Restorations can be affordable for most everyone. We can help you plan a restoration that doesn't brake your budget. We can even do as little as one repair at a time, so that you can plan how much you want to spend, and even pick up the car and drive it until you are ready for another phase of restoration.

Mechanical Restorations

Engine, suspension, drivetrain and more. We have a whole building dedicated to the mechanical restoration portion of your vehicle.

upholstery Restorations

We provide interior restorations. This is the only phase that is mostly done through a partnering company. We can work with you on planning custom or factory like re-upholstery.